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Brick & Stone Wall Sealing

The WallGuard® Wall Sealer system is a three-stage process that removes grime and unsightly organic growths from porous brick and stone claddings, and seals them against water penetration, which helps to improve home insulation.

WallGuard® Moss and Grime Removal

WallGuard® Moss and Grime Removal eradicates Moss, Lichen and Grime from porous wall surfaces and neutralises live spores, thereby preventing future organic growth.

WallGuard® Deep Surface Cleaning

The WallGuard® Deep Surface Cleaning regime is customised for the condition and material properties of your wall cladding and restores the surface finish to the highest possible standard and an “as new” appearance.

WallGuard® Wall Sealer

The WallGuard® Wall Sealer is applied to porous wall surfaces, using product and application techniques unique to your wall cladding. The WallGuard® Wall Sealer is designed to slow down the weathering process by waterproofing the wall surface, which also helps to prevent the transfer of dampness and improve the thermal insulation properties of your home.