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Longrun and Painted Metal Tiles Roofs

With over 55 years’ experience in keeping New Zealand roofs clean, the Edwards & Hardy RoofGuard® product offers unparalleled expertise in the removal of Moss, Mould and Lichen from your roof.

Left unattended, moss, mould and lichen can severely damage your Longrun or Painted Metal Tile roof. Unchecked these growths can;

  • Void the Manufacturer’s Warranty
  • Cause permanent etching to the coating and substrate
  • Cause corrosion
  • Decrease the life of the roof

Edwards & Hardy Roofing uses industry leading, environmental friendly, bio-degradable solutions, and a robust two stage process, to remove all growths and keep your roof looking great and performing at its best.

step 1

RoofGuard® Moss and Grime Removal

RoofGuard® Moss and Grime Removal is the first step in our maintenance program and will remove the moss and lichen from your roof. If not removed the moss and lichen will eventually damage the protective coating on your roof and compromise the structural integrity of your roof.

step 2

RoofGuard® Moss Proofing

After your roof has been weathered clean, which takes around 12 months, we will undertake a RoofGuard® Moss Proofing treatment, which we recommend you continue to apply periodically. The RoofGuard® Moss Proofing program stops regrowth, and maintains the appearance and structural integrity of your roof, by keeping it free of the cumulative corrosion effects caused by moss, mould, dirt and debris. The RoofGuard® Moss Proofing program is also recommended on new roofs, and roofs that have been recently recoated, in order to maintain the Manufacturer and Supplier Warranties. In most circumstances, for your new roof warranty to be valid, all organic growth such as moss, mould and lichen should be removed to prevent damage to your roof’s protective coating.


Longrun and Painted Metal Tile roofs, that are not periodically maintained, will grow moss, lichen and mould that will eventually damage the protective surface coating on the roof. Lichen especially, will eat into the protective coating and compromise the structural integrity of your roof. Most Manufacturers require that their roofs are kept free of organic growth, dirt and debris.
Yes. Although nearly all property values increase over time, some of that value can be lost because of poor street appeal and the potential for higher maintenance and repair costs. RoofGuard® maintains and improves the visual appeal of your home and reduces the cost of upkeep, which helps to protect its market value
The RoofGuard® Maintenance System is a simple two stage process that lets you choose the services you need to clean and maintain your roof. Your Edwards & Hardy RoofGuard® Representative will discuss all of the options available with you
No, not immediately. Very little change will be apparent for the first three to six months.
The initial treatment takes about twelve months to clean your roof with the bulk of the cleaning happening in the second six months of the year. Although the moss and lichen is killed and rendered harmless at the time of spraying, it is a natural process from then on, as it breaks down and washes away. Please note that due to the product characteristics of painted steel roofs some staining and etching may remain after 12 months and a light wash down may be recommended at this time.
We do not use harsh or corrosive chemicals that could damage the surface of your metal roofing. Our system takes time because it is non caustic and bio-degradable and it is gentle on both your roof and the environment. Other, harsher methods such as water-blasting or chemicals can easily damage your roof, spouting, cladding or garden.
Although you can request any of our services at any time, you do have to wait some 12 months for the moss and lichen removal process to finish working before undertaking a RoofGuard® Moss Proofing. However we will report on any maintenance issues at the time we Quote, or undertake the Stage 1 Moss Treatment, and we can undertake any repairs as necessary.
It is likely that your RoofGuard® treatment will be under 4% of the cost of your roof. Though the total cost will depend upon the size, pitch and overall state of your roof, it is a small amount compared to the potential cost of not treating and repairing your roof. Your Edwards & Hardy representative will be happy to discuss our costs with you, so that you have a clear understanding of the services you are paying for.

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