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Exterior Wall and Property Cleaning

Not only does Edwards & Hardy Roofing cater to all your roofing needs we also offer exterior wall and property cleaning services.

Moss Control on Exterior walls and cladding

As with our RoofGuard® treatments we use only industry leading, environmental friendly, bio-degradable solutions on your exterior walls and cladding. The WallGuard® product is applied to exterior walls and cladding, prior to the application of a soft water “wash and rinse” to finish. This leaves your exterior walls and cladding free of dirt, growth and mould, and keeps your house looking good.

Moss Control on Exterior Paths

As time passes, debris and vegetable matter, such as leaves, twigs and mosses, will collect in all roof gutters. If this material is not cleared regularly the guttering will become blocked and overflow. Overflowing gutters can cause walls to stain with unsightly mould and lead to costly water damage.

This damage can be to both the exterior cladding and to the interior of the house.

Regular cleaning will prevent this from happening and will contribute towards the lowering of all maintenance costs.

Spider Treatment

Edwards & Hardy Roofing also offers a program to eradicate spiders from the exterior surfaces of your home.

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