Gutter Replacement

Edwards & Hardy has been providing roof and gutter maintenance services since 1959 and are very aware of the short and long term problems that can be caused by blocked gutters and downpipes in heavy rainfall. It is for this reason that Edwards & Hardy specify Lindab as its preferred gutter solution.

Lindab Gutters have been made in Sweden since 1956 and offer homeowners and property managers the highest quality solutions when it comes to superior drainage capacity, extreme weather performance, overflow functionality, self-cleaning gutters and downpipes, safe and cost effective maintenance systems, enhanced durability, range of components, ease of installation, aesthetics and environmental considerations.

  • The front of the Lindab gutter is designed so that excess water flows over the front edge of the gutter and away from the property if there is a blockage or an extreme weather event.
  • Lindab is made from .60 gauge zinc coated steel and is top coat painted on both sides. As a result it is significantly more durable than PVC gutters, and the New Zealand manufactured steel gutters, which only have a backing coat on the water side of the gutter.
  • The In\Out Debris Diverter ensures that downpipes and drains stay free of blockages and stop debris from entering the storm water system.
  • Lindab is a modular clip lock system and allows for the easy installation and replacement of existing product by the meter.