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Corrugate and Styleline

Edwards & Hardy Roofing utilise Steel & Tube and Dimond to manufacture their longrun roofing profiles from the ColorsteelĀ® range of products. Edwards & Hardy have specified the Corrugate and Trapezoidal Rib profiles as they are popular, easy to maintain and cost effective.

Providing a range of classic and modern profiles, there are a number of reasons to choose a Longrun roof:

  • Longrun roofs are lightweight and can require less supporting structure
  • Longrun roofs are easy to install
  • Longrun roofs can be installed on both low and high pitched roofs
  • New Zealand Steel, Steel & Tube and Dimond offer strong Supplier and Manufacturer Warranty support

Colour Range


Gull Grey


Grey Friars

Desert Sand

Sandstone Grey


Pioneer Road


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