Moss and lichen - what you need to know
Have you ever wondered what moss and lichen can do to your roof? Check out our short video that explains how moss and lichen spread, and what they can do to your roof.

The RoofGuard® roof maintenance programme
Moss and lichen can damage your roof leading to leaks, costly repairs and possibly even a re-roof. A Roofguard® roof maintenance programme keeps all organic growth off your roof, extending the life of your roof and keeping it clean.

60 Years' experience and our Roofguard® guarantee
We've been treating roofs in New Zealand for over 60 years, and our gentle solution and a little time are all that your roof needs to keep it clean and clear. We offer a one-year guarantee that if any moss and lichen re-grows on your roof, we'll come back and treat it for free.

I want to book a moss & lichen treatment – what do I need to do now?
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