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RoofGuard® removes moss and lichen from the surface of Concrete Tile, Metal Tile and Longrun Roofs, slowing the deterioration of these roofs, and preventing the severe damage that can be caused by uncontrolled organic growth.

If left unattended moss, mould and lichen can build up and damage the surface coating of your Masonry or Metal roof. Once the surface coating of your roof has been damaged by moss, mould or lichen the integrity of the roof is vulnerable to further deterioration.

However if regularly maintained modern day roofs can maintain their street appeal and structural integrity for decades.

All of our roof treatments are undertaken by experienced operators and come with an Edwards & Hardy Roofing RoofGuard® Guarantee.

Please note that apart from water blasting, which is very aggressive, many treatment programs that act quicker, than the non-caustic, water soluble and bio-degradable RoofGuard® System, can also damage your roof surface, corrode your spouting, burn your paintwork and kill your plants.

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