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Roof Painting:
Most Concrete Tile, Metal Tile and Longurn Roofs can be very successfully resurfaced with the Edwards & Hardy TileGuard® Coating System at around 35% of the cost of a new roof.

TileGuard® is a thick 100% acrylic coating that will protect your roof as it moves, expands and contracts. It also provides outstanding adhesion, durability and colour..

When looking at resurfacing, recoating and painting options it is important to select a high quality and proven product, that is UV resistant and will stand up to the elements. This will ensure that your roof stays looking good for longer.

All of our roof coatings are undertaken by experienced tradespeople and come with an Edwards & Hardy Roofing TileGuard® Guarantee. Following the recoating of your roof we can also offer a complete cleaning and maintenance programme, to keep it looking good. We also follow the New Zealand Roof Coating Code of Practice.

Roof Painting

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