Reroofing Made Easy

With Edwards & Hardy Roofing you can reroof your home with almost any style and colour from a carefully selected range of proven and cost effective roofing products.

There are many reasons why you may need a new roof; you could be at the point where the replacement of some tiles or lengths of roofing iron is not going to be enough, you may be renovating your home, or your roof could have been accidentally damaged in some way. Whatever the reason, Edwards & Hardy Roofing can make getting a new roof an easy process.

All of our roofs are installed by experienced tradespeople and come with an Edwards & Hardy Roofing Guarantee and Manufacturer's Warranty. Following installation, we also offer a complete cleaning and maintenance programme, to preserve the structural integrity of your roof and keep it looking great.

Caring For Your Roof

Once we have installed your new roof, it is important that it receives regular cleaning and maintenance.

What you may not know is that, in most circumstances, for your new roof warranty to be valid, all organic growth such as moss, mould and lichen should be removed to prevent damage to your roof’s protective coating. If not removed the moss and lichen will eventually damage the protective coating on your roof, void the coating warranty, and compromise the structural integrity of your roof.

The acids secreted by Lichen can damage the surface coating of Concrete Tiles and increase water absorption. The build-up of Mosses and other organic material can also block the water channels and cause the roof to leak.

The structural integrity of Textured Metal Tiles can be compromised when Lichen displaces the protective stone chip coating and exposes the base steel to the cumulative corrosion effects caused by organic growth, dirt and debris.

With Longrun and Painted Metal Tiles, untreated Lichen growth can etch the surface coating and increase the rate of corrosion.

The RoofGuard® Moss and Grime Removal System uses a non-caustic bio-degradable solution to remove moss, grime and lichen. This process helps you to meet the conditions of your Roof Warranty and enhance your roofs durability, by keeping it free of the cumulative corrosion effects caused by organic growth, dirt and debris. It also keeps your roof looking good and reduces your ongoing maintenance costs.

Following the installation of your new roof, your Edwards & Hardy Roofing representative will discuss an appropriate maintenance programme with you.